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An AI-powered management hub for sustainability data

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One startup is transforming how the tourism, electronics, and investment industries manage their sustainability data

Spotted: While many companies strive to have more sustainable practices, research by Bureau Veritas reveals that only a third of clients surveyed publish a sustainability report. Companies and their managers struggle to stay updated and use many resources to manage their sustainability data. But Danish startup, BeCause is working to help companies manage their data so they can make better decisions for themselves and the world.  

BeCause is an artificial-intelligence-powered (AI) all-in-one hub for collecting, coordinating, and communicating sustainability data. The ‘collect’ hub allows companies to input existing data, including past awards and certifications, diversity information about the company make-up, sustainability statements, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) priorities. With ‘coordinate’, companies and stakeholders can assign and track ongoing tasks related to sustainability targets. Finally, in the ‘communicate’ hub, users can manage their company’s public profile, easily generate reports, and retrieve widgets for company emails or websites that will automatically update with new sustainability data.

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BeCause’s technology speeds up, and reduces costs for sustainability management, cutting the time and energy normally spent on repetitive and error-prone manual administrative tasks. This helps companies ensure compliance as well as maintain competitive advantage, allowing them to clearly communicate sustainability efforts to travellers and stakeholders. 

One of the target sectors for the startup is tourism, and here the software can speed up the process of transferring sustainability information and certifications to online travel agencies. Meanwhile, in the investment sector, BeCause can reduce manual data collection processes for venture capital and private equity funds, and in the electronics indystry the software makes it easy to communicate data such as the percentage of recycled material in a product.

BeCause recently secured a €416,000 investment from Danish investors Carsten Mahler and Daniel Heskia, which will be used to scale the platform. 

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Written By: Anam Alam



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