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The advert hopes to drive demand and keep the city top of mind | Photo source Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town Tourism campaign evokes feelings of long-distance romance

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The new campaign portrays Cape Town and tourists as lovers longing to be reunited

Spotted: Tourism is a crucial industry for Cape Town, South Africa, acting as an economic lifeline for many small to medium-sized businesses and accounting for thousands of jobs in the city. Given the new travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism in Cape Town has really taken a toll. In response, Cape Town Tourism launched a campaign with the theme “We Are Worth Waiting For!” to keep the city top of mind of those who will — eventually — be able to travel again.

Cape Town Tourism has created several features to the campaign, which plays on the theme of a long-distance relationship. These include postcards of Cape Town, historical information, a vision board, and a video. The “Postcards from Cape Town” will be posted all over Love Cape Town’s digital platforms, showing off the city’s natural beauty. Notable and interesting historical facts will be shared across social media channels so that visitors can get to know the city better and learn about its rich diversity. As for the vision board, people will be able to find inspiration for future travel through “pinable” images on the official website that they can save on Pinterest. Lastly, a campaign video has been shared across all digital platforms to evoke the emotions of visiting Cape Town.

The ultimate aim of the campaign is to remind potential visitors of what Cape Town has to offer and make sure they have something to look forward to.

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