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The Legende Backpack | Photo source Gitzo

A fully repairable tripod and eco-friendly camera backpack

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The backpack is composed of primarily recycled materials and all the parts making up the tripod are replaceable

Spotted: French camera accessory maker Gitzo has announced a crowdfunding campaign for the Legende Backpack and lightweight carbon fibre Tripod. Backed by an unlimited warranty and easily-repairable parts, the company claims that the two products are manufactured to last a lifetime, and each with a low environmental impact. 

The 2-part kit has been launched via Indiegogo. Taking an eco-friendly approach to product design in the photography industry, all of the parts making up the tripod are replaceable, and 70 per cent of them can be shipped out and replaced by the user.

Gitzo says the name “Legende” is inspired by “the storytelling power of photography: transferred from one generation to another while creating eternal stories.” 

Following through with the eco-friendly approach, the outer shell of the backpack is made of 100 per cent recycled polyester, with 65 per cent of the entire bag made from recycled materials. It features Eco Leather straps, made of non-toxic synthetic leather. Like the tripod, the backpack is also designed to be lightweight, while offering great performance.

The tripod weighs 1.45kg, can hold a payload of 8kg, compresses to 43cm and can expand to 165cm tall. The bag weighs 1.69kg when empty, has a 14-litre volume and can fit a 15-inch laptop. 

To further give back to the planet, Gitzo will donate 5 per cent of the sales from the Légende Indiegogo campaign towards the development of Gitzo’s Wild Shots Outreach educational programme. This goal of the programme is to educate children bordering the Kruger National Park in South Africa about conservation and photography.

The Indiegogo campaign for the kit launched March second, with Super Early Bird deals starting at €580. Shipping is expected to arrive in June 2021. 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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