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‘Sustayn’ is like what Ecosia is to Google | Photo source Sustayn

A property platform for the planet

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The platform funnels booking commissions to causes aligned with natural conservation and biodiversity, whilst encouraging sustainability and regeneration with every stay

Spotted: Nomadic entrepreneur Joseph Sharp has created the world’s first cooperative, sustainable platform for short term rentals.

In the world of booking platforms, Sustayn is like what Ecosia is to Google. Named ‘Sustayn’ as a play on the words “Sustainable” and “Stay”, the platform is a sustainable alternative to other booking platforms such as Airbnb. 

Firstly, the platform provides an opportunity for consumers looking for sustainable accommodation. Secondly, it redirects a percentage of commissions towards causes and voices working to help the planet to sustain and regenerate. Sustayn aims to start by redirecting 50 per cent of commissions and plans to increase this, as the platform grows. 

Hosts control what causes the booking fee goes towards, who can choose to support peer-reviewed climate solutions via; or alternatively, they can propose fundraising for causes in their locality.

The project started when Joe was travelling around New Zealand and wanted a resource to help him have a positive impact during his trip. “Pre-lockdown, I spent some time exploring and speaking to people connected to nature. I also realized I had so much myself to learn about sustainability and wanted another resource” Sharp told Springwise. 

The platform is also designed to encourage feedback, aiming that properties and guests become more sustainable with each stay.  When booking through Sustayn, guests can see what each property is doing to be more sustainable and provide suggestions on how to improve at the end of their stay. Respectively, the platform encourages hosts to provide tips about how guests can have a positive impact in the locality they are visiting. 

Sustayn is currently live for testing and early users. There are a few accommodation options and some dummy data, but anybody can have a play around and suggest feedback.  As Sharps said: “We encourage a communal approach to taking steps forward, together.” 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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