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The Audo hotel doubles as a showroom | Photo source

Copenhagen hotel doubles as an artistic showroom

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A new hotel in Copenhagen places all of its fixtures and fittings on sale

Spotted: The Audo is a Copenhagen hotel that bills itself as “new typology for interaction, connection and artistic expression”. What this means in practice is that the Audo combines design, work, recreation and consumerism all in one. The name Audo is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes, meaning “from one, learn all,” pointing to the Audo’s ideal as a place for people to share ideas, experiences and knowledge.

The idea for the project came from Bjarne Hansen, founder and former CEO of design and lifestyle company, Menu.  Menu’s furniture, lighting and home accessories are placed throughout the hotel, alongside pieces from other brands. All of these pieces, from linens and cushions to crockery and furniture can be purchased at the Audo Concept store in the hotel. This makes the hotel one big showroom.

Hansen points out that turning the hotel into a showroom allows customers to experience, and use the products before they buy. In addition to 10 hotel rooms, the Audo also has a variety of flexible public spaces designed to be used as meeting spaces, libraries, restaurants and more. These spaces are also designed to encourage spontaneous interactions between guests and visitors.

All of the fixtures and fittings at the Audo are changed regularly, in order to showcase new products. According to Hansen, “The plan for the Audo in the future would be that it would never stay like it is…We will always make new partnerships, refurbish and redo things, so that it lives and continually has new things to offer.”

This is not the first time we have spotted innovative hotel concepts. We have recently seen a luxury hotel built in an abandoned airport terminal and a 100 per cent vegan hotel room.

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