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Flockeo by Murmuration lets travellers see the impact of trips to different destinations | Photo source Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Harnessing satellites for sustainable travel  

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A new platform combines satellite and statistical data to provide users with information on environmental, social, and economic indicators for popular destinations

Spotted: When we talk about sustainable tourism, we often think first and foremost about environmental issues. But sustainable tourism is about much more than that. It brings together all aspects of sustainable development, including social and economic issues. According to social enterprise Murmuration, It’s about maintaining a “spirit of the place that values ​​the geographical characteristics of a destination through its biodiversity, its cultural wealth, its heritage, and the well-being of its residents.”

Based in France, Murmuration is focused on sustainable tourism and has recently announced the launch of Flockeo – a community platform that allows travellers to choose sustainable destinations.

The Flockeo platform is inspired by the European Commission’s ETIS indicator system, which assesses the sustainability of tourism destinations. By combining satellite and statistical data, Flockeo provides users with information on environmental, social, and economic indicators. This data can be used to evaluate the sustainability of a destination and make informed decisions about where to travel. With this information in hand, Murmuration aims to work together to build a more sustainable future for tourism.

Perhaps most importantly, satellite data can be used to monitor progress over time and ensure that sustainable tourism practices are actually having the desired effect. Without this crucial information, it would be much more difficult to make the case for sustainable tourism on a global scale. Thanks to satellite data, Flockeo is able to provide a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities that exist in certain areas.

In addition to providing data on sustainable destinations, Flockeo also offers an interactive map for users who want to learn more about the destinations that interest them. The map provides a wealth of information about each region, including the ecosystem potential and the risks related to water and urbanisation. The map is also colour-coded so users can quickly assess the impact of human activities on each region.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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