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The reusable bag replaces single use plastics | Photo source Standard Textile

A sustainable hybrid laundry bag for hotels

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The hybrid bag aims to provide a sustainable and simple solution to make the hospitality industry greener

Spotted: Ohio-based Standard Textile is a global textile manufacturing company focused on healthcare and hospitality markets. The company will soon be launching a reusable, washable laundry bag designed to eliminate two sources of plastic waste for hotels.

The laundry bag will work as a hotel laundry collection bag and also as a clean return garment bag. The aim is to eliminate the need for single-use plastic laundry and dry-cleaning bags. Named the VersaValet, the bag is made entirely from recycled yarns, featuring an antimicrobial finish for added protection.

“As an innovator in the textile industry, Standard Textile prioritises unique and creative solutions to meet industry challenges,” explains Greg Eubanks, Standard Textile’s Group Vice President of Hospitality Sales and Marketing. “Our hotel partners are looking for ways to eliminate single-use plastics from their properties and eliminating the plastic from the guest laundry process was a unique challenge the VersaValet was specifically designed to solve.”

VersaValet doesn’t change the workflow of a hotel’s regular guest housekeeping services. The idea is that housekeeping will leave a fresh VersaValet laundry bag in the hotel room for guests, who will then fill it with the garments in need of washing. The bag is then washed with the other garments before being returned to the guests as a garment bag with the freshly laundered apparel inside.

Other recent innovations focused on making hotels greener include an eco-friendly hotel on wheels, and a modular eco-hotel that can be moved from place to place.

Written By: Katrina Lane



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