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A circular subscription service for office furniture

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Nornorm is aiming to create ‘adaptive offices’ by offering companies greater flexibility with furniture choices

Spotted: Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of hybrid work models, companies need more flexibility than ever to scale their physical presence up or down as circumstances change. But as companies optimise their offices to fit changing working practices, there is a nagging problem: furniture.  

Danish startup Nornorm has developed a new model for circular office furniture – one that is based on subscription rather than ownership. Under the startup’s system, companies pay a monthly fee that starts at €3 per square metre (with a startup fee of €12 per square metre). 

At the start of the process, the company provides a floor plan and information on functional needs and personal style, and with this input, Nornorm creates a bespoke furniture solution. Before final sign-off, the company is provided with a 3D model of the re-configured workspace so they can add or remove elements as needed. 

Once the design phase is over, Nornorm installs the furniture at the company’s office – but this is not the end of the collaboration. Companies are free to alter their design at any time, scaling up or down as circumstances require. If a change is requested, Nornorm will deliver any additional furniture required and disassemble any items that are no longer needed. Companies are also free to cancel their subscription at any time, in which case all their furniture will be collected and re-used with another business. To minimise waste and extent the lifespan of each item, any retired furniture is repaired and refurbished for use elsewhere.

Throwaway culture is leading to increased waste, and that includes our furniture. Springwise has spotted many innovations tackling this issue in the archive, including customisable and dynamic cork-based furnishings and a marketplace for second-hand furniture.

Written By: Matthew Hempstead




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