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A data-powered platform drives workplace diversity

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Interactive training helps identify microaggressions, unconscious biases, and methods for change

Spotted: Mckinsey estimates that racially and ethnically diverse companies are 35 per cent more likely to outperform their competitors. But creating a diverse workforce means more than just hiring minority candidates, it’s also about cultivating an inclusive atmosphere in the workplace. With many diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programmes under attack for being ineffective, a more comprehensive approach is needed.

Believing that DEI is a science, not an art, female-founded startup Serein works to provide organisations of all sizes across every industry with the data-driven tools they need to help employees thrive.

A team of sociologists, lawyers, and scientists used behavioural neuroscience to build Serein’s suite of tools and SaaS platform. Each type of training, policy template, and consultation support is designed for multiple uses over an extended period of time. The company’s goal is to help organisations identify and then dismantle unconscious biases that can negatively affect a workplace’s culture. Through its leadership workshops and employee-only sessions, Serein helps to provide safe and inclusive spaces for learning and development.

The interactive learning modules include anti-discrimination workshops, inclusion benchmarking studies, sexual harassment compliance support, and unconscious bias awareness training. Other topics covered include recognising microaggressions, generational and emotional inclusion, domestic violence awareness, and visible and invisible disabilities.

Rishab Prasad, a DEI and PoSH Specialist at Serein, told Springwise that the company aims to make learning fun while recognising the seriousness of the subject matter. To do so, Serein offers bespoke versions of escape rooms, murder mysteries, and card games “to cultivate a clear and fun understanding of concepts covered.”

On the dashboard, partnering companies can track DEI initiatives and changes over time, making it easier to plan ongoing engagement and activity. The SaaS platform is available in three price packages depending on the size of an organisation and includes toolkits, white papers, and engagement materials.

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Serein is currently expanding its area of operation and is now working in Europe and Africa. New courses and a platform upgrade are planned for release in mid-2024.

Other technologies spotted in Springwise’s library that encourage and support diversity, equity, and inclusion include using AI to make job ads more inclusive and a social media platform connecting African creatives with job opportunities.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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