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An app that encourages greener employee travel

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The platform tracks work mobility emissions and rewards staff who choose to walk or cycle

Spotted: From 1st July 2024, companies with more than 100 employees in the Netherlands will need to report on employee commutes and business-related travel. Emissions generated by these journeys will be automatically calculated, and it’s possible that the government will introduce emissions reduction targets for businesses in the future. One startup helping companies prepare for this legislation change and cut their carbon footprint is Fynch Mobility.

Fynch has created a plug-and-play solution that makes it easy for businesses to track employee travel for reimbursement purposes, as well as monitor the CO2 impact of employee mobility. Fynch tailors its platform depending on a given company’s sustainability policy, so clients can alter the distance and mode of transport allowances for their staff.

Employees register their work mobility on the easy-to-use Fynch app, inputting information on their work-from-home days, commutes, and business trips. Or, with travel mode detection, this data can be gathered automatically, to be stored securely and anonymously on the central Fynch platform. When employees travel sustainably, like by walking or using public transport, they earn reward points that can be redeemed for sustainable gifts and activities.

On the Fynch platform, employers can easily keep track of their mobility emissions in real time and this information can be used for CSRD reporting and for July’s upcoming legislation. Fynch also integrates with the company HR system and payroll software so that travel reimbursements can be automated every month.

The Fynch platform has already been used by big names like Volvo, BMW Financial Services, and QPark.

Written By: Matilda Cox




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