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With this virtual reality platform, work drinks can still go ahead during the pandemic | Photo source Antenna on Unsplash

Office drinks held via virtual reality

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A creative agency has designed a virtual office so employees can be better connected while working from home

Spotted: Like many people around the world, workers at the Amsterdam-based creative agency Achtung! have been working remotely for several weeks now. While workers have been attending meetings via webcam, many have also missed having actual contact with their colleagues. In response, the company have created a virtual reality version of their office and invited all their employees to a drinks party.

The virtual office was built using Mozilla hubs. This is an open-source platform which allows users to share videos and talk to each other in virtual reality. Unlike many VR systems, Mozilla Hubs is accessible from a web browser, as well as being compatible with different VR platforms. It is also relatively easy to use – Achtung! designed its model office in just one week.

All of the company’s 70 employees were invited to use the free VR room, create their own avatars and join a company-wide drinks party. The company hopes that the virtual activities will help keep spirits up and morale high.

“Even in this strange time, we think it is extremely important to keep in touch with each other. And not only to discuss the status of projects, but also to have fun, catch up, get inspired and end the week together,” the company’s creative director, Jasper Janssen, said.  

Achtung! is not alone in using VR to try and lift spirits and boost business during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Some VR innovations Springwise has covered recently included a beauty app offering free augmented reality experiences and a nursing home using VR to help patients feel happier.

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