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AI spots working patterns of high-performing teams

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The technology enables teams to adopt and personalise the working ‘rhythms’ of industry trailblazers

Spotted: Small improvements in workplace productivity can have major financial implications for businesses. For example, one study by McKinsey found that the top-performing B2B sales organisations generate around 2.6 times more sales ROI than the worst-performing companies.

The question for businesses seeking improvement is how to identify the processes that make such a big difference. Capturing those lessons and making them replicable for use by other teams offers tantalising opportunities for productivity gains in a rapidly evolving workplace environment.

With all the attention it has received over the past 18 months, it is no surprise to find that AI is helping businesses with this challenge. Rhythms is a productivity startup that has created an AI model that identifies the working patterns of top-performing teams, both within an organisation and among the world’s high-flying companies. This model then informs an intelligent agent that enables users to adapt and personalise the identified ‘rhythms’ for use in their own teams.

The startup defines ‘internal rhythms’ as the underlying processes that drive every aspect of an organisation, arguing that these patterns are poorly understood and managed today, leading to uneven and unpredictable business performance and employee frustration.

The technology, which is due to launch this year, integrates with a business’s existing platforms and apps, analysing regular group activities such as retrospectives, business reviews, and meetings between business functions with the goal of uncovering data-driven insights into what is effective.

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Written By: Keely Khoury



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