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All of Us harness the power of collaboration to encourage diversity | Photo source LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Employee engagement platform encourages diversity in the workplace

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A startup offers resources to challenge unconscious bias and change prejudiced behaviour from the top-down of an organisation

Spotted: All of Us aims to help organisations to build diverse cultures and promote positive role models within their spheres. The platform offers educational information through the form of news, business insights, inspiring stories and thought leadership. 

Users can select topics of interest and share relevant information about themselves to their colleagues. This connects people with those who have similar interests, and builds communities who share knowledge in and out of the workplace. By harnessing the power of collaboration, All of Us aims to demonstrate how the right behaviours can be influenced and the conversations that lead change and build inclusive workplaces inspired. 

Working primarily with the finance industry, the startup advocates for diversity amongst senior positions and leaders as a key strategy. Kim Myers, CEO of All of Us, says that “The huge public outcry following the tragic death of George Floyd has demanded that leaders step up and speak out and to demonstrate their efforts regarding diversity and inclusion. Leaders must be visible. This, in turn, helps them to build respect, trust and retain top talent”.

The startup also deals with resolving the gender pay gap, and that a lot of resolving diversity issues stem from the dismantling of unconscious bias when it comes to the hiring process, whether that be in terms of race, gender, age or sexuality. 

“If there is an imbalance amongst peers of the same title and performance, discussions can be held regarding appropriate adjustments. If there are balances amongst peers, but males still earn a higher average wage, this could indicate a gender imbalance amongst senior leadership. Without transparency and openness, these conversations can’t be held at a meaningful level”, says Myers

To this means, features offered by the platform include “polling tools” that can help to gauge anonymous views or issues, insight data for management and HR teams to direct resources correctly, and analytics to track engagement. The platform itself uses user Experience Tech (UX) and so markets itself as “fit for the digital age”. 

Myers says that if companies “build organisations that recognise, celebrate, and promote diversity”, “diversity and inclusion will become a self-sustaining and respected element of the organisation’s DNA”, and the tools offered by All of Us aim to help achieve this.

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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