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AI revolutionises response times for employees

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A new AI-driven solution enables employees to get quicker answers to their questions from different internal teams

Spotted: During their working life, employees often need quick answers to questions from different internal teams, whether that is HR, IT, or finance. But these departments are often inundated by queries. This not only bogs down subject matter experts (SMEs) in repetitive and tedious tasks – it also leads to a sub-par employee experience for workers who must wait to get answers to their questions. 

Startup Atomicwork addresses this challenge with a generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that can automate many of those workflows, releasing SMEs from dealing with busywork and freeing up their time for more meaningful tasks. The company’s platform harnesses knowledge from various sources like policy documents, emails, chat conversations, and historical tickets to provide instant answers, reducing the need for employees to wait for responses or fill out forms. 

The software assistant, dubbed Atom, sits on top of collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams and can answer employee questions and requests across departments. For example, an employee can type in, “How do I set up email on my company phone,” and Atom will respond with the right link. The technology can also be used for smart routing, where employees are directed to the most appropriate person or process to find answers to more complex requests. 

Atomicwork promotes workflow automation, enabling employee-facing teams to tackle complex issues more efficiently. It also fosters organisational alignment and empowers different departments to work together seamlessly.  

The company recently launched from stealth, with $11 million (around €10 million) in seed funding. In the future, the company plans to expand into more support teams, including legal, facilities, and business operations.

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