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Fingerbot can turn on anything from televisions to air conditioners | Photo source Adaprox

Tiny bot makes devices ‘smart’

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The Fingerbot can turn nearly any device with a switch into a smart device that can be controlled remotely with an app or by voice control

Spotted: Australian startup Adaprox has created a mini-robot that promises to turn almost any device into a smart device. The bot offers an affordable way to hook into the internet of things, according to Adaprox. 

Fingerbot is a tiny bot that attaches to existing devices. It uses small finger-like prongs to remotely switch on electronics. Fingerbot can turn on anything from televisions to air conditioners. It can also be timed to start a coffee maker or other device.

The battery-powered bot connects via Bluetooth and can be activated by an app or by voice control. Adaprox has also created Adaprox Bridge, which links Fingerbots to the internet so you can activate the bot remotely. The bots can also be connected to Alexa, Siri or Google Home network. 

Fingerbot has successfully raised over three times its target on Kickstarter. Adaprox estimates it will be commercially available by May 2020. 



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