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When folded up, the desk is lockable and the power lead can be removed | Photo source Pith & Stem

Wall-mounted work station doubles as personalised art

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Made from sustainable wood, each desk is customisable with built-in storage spaces and USB options for both Mac and PC

Spotted: The UK’s sustainable furniture company Pith & Stem recently introduced its DropTop workstation for improved home working. The wall-mounted design appears to be a framed piece of art when folded up and not in use. When in use, the strong, sustainably constructed system includes built-in storage spaces, USB options for both Mac and PC and three options for HD screen configurations. 

Much of the set-up is customisable, including the finish, which is available in two colours and four wood effect laminates. Users can choose from a dual-screen or two widescreen integrated monitor options from a range of companies. Made from skateboard strength FSC certified birch plywood and supported by extremely strong hinges, the desk is durable and easy to install.  

When folded up, the desk is lockable and the power lead can be removed. The artwork side of the workstation can be personalised, either custom-printed from a personal photograph or chosen from a range offered by the company.  

Finding ways to make the functional beautiful is an area of great creative opportunity, and Springwise has spotted a range of interesting projects. These air purifiers look like wall-mounted art, and this public seating encourages social distancing, whilst also provides outdoor sculpture.  

Written by: Keely Khoury

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