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The Eightfold Talent Exchange jobs marketplace will make it easier for unemployed people to find jobs during the pandemic and beyond | Photo source Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

AI platform matches recently unemployed workers with urgent job openings

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The jobs matching service was created in response to the unprecedented level of unemployment facing industries across the United States

Spotted: Designed to help assuage the huge rise in unemployment caused by the global health pandemic, machine learning experts have created the Eightfold Talent Exchange jobs marketplace. Built to rapidly match newly unemployed workers with urgent job openings, the platform screens millions of candidates in seconds. Available for businesses in the United States, the artificial intelligence assessment analyses a broad set of criteria, including location, personal potential and experience.

Introduced in partnership with The Food Industry Association, the talent exchange platform allows companies to collaborate across industries. By ranking potential as well as skills, the platform makes it easy for employers to find a broad range of candidates. For individuals, the Talent Exchange provides links to roles that may be extremely suitable yet would otherwise have flown under the radar due to differences in job titles and role descriptions.

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