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Mesh also offers a variety of minigames | Photo source Mesh

Virtual platform re-creates events, office collaboration and classroom learning

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From daily water-cooler conversations, to happy hours and socialising after company-wide events, Mesh aims to foster better social interaction between remote teams

Spotted: Mesh is a private virtual space for employees and students to socialise, play games, and listen to music over video chat. Mesh hopes to help the issue of remote employees feeling lonely, isolated and socially disconnected during worldwide lockdowns. 

Mesh founder and software engineer Luke Barikowski had the idea in March 2020, when the first lockdown and quarantine took place. Mesh was officially launched in November 2020, with a focus on building greater community engagement and social connectivity. However  after launching, they found the greatest demand came from companies and organisations wanting to find ways of keeping their remote teams engaged. 

“We believe that remote work can be engaging and create the sense of community that people need,” Ashwin Kumar, Co-founder and CEO told Springwise.

The concept works like a video game in that you move your character around a series of lobbies. To recreate the feel of real-life conversations, spatial video chat enables people to start video chatting with people as soon as two characters move close to each other. Chat groups are capped at six people for more meaningful conversations. 

Mesh also offers a variety of minigames such as Trivia, Poker, Codenames, Draw Battle, King’s Cup and Tag. Those in the same game lobby can video chat while playing the game together.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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