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The platform analyses data on inclusion and diversity | Photo source Mixty

A tool for measuring workplace diversity and inclusion

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An evaluation framework can help companies to measure and improve their levels of diversity and inclusion

Spotted: Movements such as #metoo and #BlackLivesmatter have demonstrated that diversity and inclusion are more important than ever for individuals – and companies. In fact, diversity and inclusion are essential elements of innovation and resilience for businesses. But they can be difficult to measure and analyse. A French startup, Mixity, hopes to change that. 

Mixity has developed a data intelligence solution aimed at encouraging companies to innovate in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The platform analyses data on inclusion and diversity provided by organisations, including companies, schools, communities and non-profit organisations. The data is weighted using a proprietary algorithm to generate a diversity and inclusion ‘Footprint’ for each organisation. Companies can use their Footprint to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.  

The startup was co-founded by Sandrine Charpentier, Dominique Crochu and Jérôme Fortineau, who all had experience leading organisations that focused on “human issues”. Their goal was to combine CSR, data intelligence and digital skills to show that diversity and inclusion can be components of economic and social progress for all organisations.  

Mixity’s goal is both the reduction of inequalities and the transformation of organisations to create more social and economic performance. The company adds: “In parallel with the laws and measures promulgated by the various governments, companies have an essential role in achieving social cohesion and the inclusion of all.” 

Many organisations are unaware that they have below-average levels of diversity and inclusion. Luckily, these organisations now have a number of tools to help, from Mixity’s Footprint to an employee engagement platform that aims to encourage workplace diversity and a marketplace for black-owned businesses. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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