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The Daily Health Check module plugs into Multimedia’s existing INCITE app | Photo source MultiMedia Plus

Pre-work health screening app to help stop COVID spread

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A retail tech company has developed a pre-shift screening module for its existing platform that checks employees for COVID-19 symptoms

Spotted: Retail technology company Multimedia Plus has developed a new Daily Health Check module for its INCITE platform, which provides a turnkey solution for communications and training in retail and hospitality organisations. The new app is designed to focus on improving health and safety tracking in stores, to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The new module can be added to existing INCITE systems. It includes a short pre-shift screening questionnaire for employees, which can be answered using either personal or company-provided phones or computers. After answering the questions, employees are given either a “green pass” to head for their shift, or a “red stop sign” to signal there is a need for more screening.

According to Multimedia Plus, the Health Check was developed in response to customer feedback, after a number of the company’s clients indicated the need for a fast and targeted way to screen employees for possible coronavirus symptoms before their shift.

Although the Health Check app only has five questions and does not offer the same kind of certainty as a blood test, it is an efficient way for businesses to improve employee awareness of COVID-19 symptoms, and of the need to isolate. It also adds an additional layer of safety precautions for businesses.

According to David Harouche, CTO, CEO, and founder of Multimedia Plus, “Our clients reached out to us to help manage the daily task of employee health screenings in a quick and easy way. This new model is simple to use and keeps confidential historical records, so it’s an easy to implement step in a sophisticated and continuously moving situation.”

The Multimedia Plus Health Check module joins a host of other initiatives aimed at helping employers to create a coronavirus-safe work environment. Some of the innovations we have seen in this area include sanitising tunnels and booths for use on entry into workplaces and desk dividers to create a distanced work or school environment.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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