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The Cloud Bed, Table Edition | Photo source Ori

Smart living space combines moveable bed with office desk setup

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The table seats five and is revealed when the bed is raised to ceiling height

Spotted: Ideal for small living arrangements, the Cloud Bed, Table Edition from flexible design experts Ori combines a King or Queen sized bed with an integrated workspace. At the touch of a button, the bed glides up to the ceiling, revealing a sleek table large enough for five people to use. The design makes it easy to transition from home to work, even when in the same room.  

The table moves into position as the bed rises, revealing built-in storage and three electrical outlets. Dimmable LED lighting allows users to set the brightness they need. Functions are controlled via phone or voice control devices. A minimum of eight feet and six inches in ceiling height is required for the system, and a higher version is also available for larger spaces.  

As well as individuals seeking hard-working, aesthetically pleasing home designs, especially for those desiring smaller environmental footprints. Hotels and other organisations are likely to find the design useful for increasingly mobile workforces. Springwise first covered Ori in 2016, with the introduction of its Studio Suite design.  

Other ideas that Springwise has spotted like this include a New Zealand craft brewery that created a Tiny Pub tour and a nano-factory that fits into a 40-foot shipping container. 

Written by: Keely Khoury

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