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The Paper Razor comes flat-packed | Photo source Kai

Disposable paper razor uses origami-inspired design

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The Paper Razor has an all-paper body with a metal blade, and has been designed to be both efficient and waterproof

Spotted: The Paper Razor, developed by Japanese knife manufacturer Kai, has an all-paper body with a metal blade. It has been designed to be both efficient and waterproof.

The Paper Razor comes flat-packed, making it cheaper and less energy-intensive to transport. Once ready for use, it is easy to put together. The user folds up the sides and over the top to create a shape as rigid as a plastic razor, with an ergonomic handle. The design gives the same amount of strength and flexibility as a plastic razor.

On top of its flexibility, the Paper razor is also water-resistant and can withstand water temperatures of up to 40°C, meaning that users can enjoy a hot shave. The metal head also features a notched channel, designed to allow users to rinse shaved hair off the blade. 

The razor has been designed with travellers in mind and weighs just four grams. It is available in five colours — ocean blue, botanical red, jade green, sunny yellow, and sand beige — and the five-colour set will cost around €8.65. According to Kai, “rather than simply replacing plastic with paper, we designed it with a handle that is as easy to hold and sharp as a plastic razor.”

Sustainability is about more than just the choice of materials: reducing packaging and delivering efficient shipping also helps to make a sustainable product. In addition to the Paper Razor, we are seeing an increasing number of products that have taken this on board in their design. These have included flat-pack furniture and a flat-pack emergency shelter that converts to a more permanent home.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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