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The Peanut app now provides Q&A forums and dedicated community spaces | Photo source

Social network for mothers also supports women trying to conceive

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The app’s platform brings together women at all stages of mothering, from trying to conceive to early parenting and empty-nesters

Spotted: Created as a Tinder-style friendship finder for mothers, the Peanut app now provides Q&A forums and dedicated community spaces. Users post on a range of topics such as pregnancy, health and fitness, work and money and motherhood. Trying To Conceive (TTC) is the app’s latest community and supports women in their journey as they attempt to become mothers. 

Founder Michelle Kennedy set up the app after experiencing the isolation that often accompanies early parenthood. Finding friends by location proved immediately successful, and as the number of users grew, so too did the intimate and meaningful conversations. It was at that point that Kennedy expanded the app to include Q&A forums called Peanut Pages. More recently, she introduced Peanut Groups, which is where the majority of the app’s activity now takes place.

A recent round of venture capital funding raised €4.5 million to focus on the continued growth of the community forums. Kennedy plans to double the company’s number of staff in the next year and prioritise support for the TTC community. Available on both iOS and Android, the app is free and obtainable in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. 

Innovations specifically for mothers attempt to solve a range of challenges. Springwise spotted smart toilets that administer pregnancy tests in less than five minutes and a pay-as-you-go hybrid workspace that offers dedicated childcare for freelance parents. 



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