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The hearable offers an immersive experience | Photo source Sentien HQ

Smart, open hearable designed to wear all day

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Sentien Audio is a smart, open hearable that directs sound to your inner ear and makes it easier to interface with devices

Spotted: Czech-based company, Sentien, has developed an open headset that sends sounds directly to the wearer’s inner ear. The design leaves the ear open so that the hearable can be worn all day.

Sentien Audio hearables are designed so that users can interact with devices and hear the world around them.  The hearables resemble hook-over-the-ear headphones, but instead of being placed on the ear, the device rests on the cheek, in front of the ear. Sound is directed to the inner ear through the facial bones, known as bone conduction. 

It is the “first all-day wearable audio headset with an ergonomic design and bone conduction technology”, Sentien Audio told Springwise. 

The hearables are also “the first all-day seamless interface”, the company said. Today people have to switch from one interface to another – pop in earbuds or pair a phone with a car. Sentien Audio hearables offer a single interface to interact with devices. They also offer more privacy compared to smart speakers and reduce distraction, Sentien Audio told Springwise. 

The company has started accepting pre-orders for the hearables.  It is also developing an app to allow users to customise their experience. 




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