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Smart insoles prevent workplace accidents

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Researchers have devised a smart insole that can track workplace accidents in real-time – and prevent future falls

Spotted: Slips, trips, and falls (STFs) are the top causes of major injuries in the workplace, according to the International Labour Organization. A new first-of-its-kind smart insole created by a team from the National University of Singapore can detect a person’s balance, which will allow companies to identify where an incident happened and highlight risk areas. 

The insole has sensors that track foot pressure and changes in motion to determine when an STF has happened. It records and measures this input in real-time to assess different users’ balance. The insoles can also be custom fit to workers’ feet, using foot scanning and 3D printing. 

Employers can access the information gathered by the smart insole through an app, rather than waiting for employees to file reports manually – which will allow them to act faster when needed.  

The researchers were awarded funding from the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore to develop the prototype, and are collaborating with the Workplace Safety and Health Institute and Association of Singapore Maritime Industries to tweak the smart insole for the maritime sector. The team also wants to incorporate the insole into other industries in the future.

Other innovations are helping to mitigate the impact of accidents. Springwise has spotted shoes that notify the emergency services in the event of a fall, and a wearable musculoskeletal monitor that alerts a user to any dangerous movements.

Written By: Jessica Bradley



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