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Top 5 Global Startups on the Springwise Radar 2019

In our latest Top 5 we have selected a sample of innovations to give you a flavour of the disruption we expect to see in the coming year. Through the Springwise lens we have also curated a special report identifying 20 startups to watch out for in 2019.

At Springwise we usually focus on the innovation rather than the innovator but with this hand-picked list we have identified the emerging companies that will cause a shake-up in 2019. 2018 was only the start of their journey – identifying the key gaps in the market. Look to these game-changers to ramp up their mission to inspire action, shift mindsets and create disruption in the innovation landscape.

This is just a snippet of what we have seen emerge over the past year. To learn more about some of the most cutting edge approaches to adapting business models for the future, download our exclusive report Top 20 Global Startups on the Springwise Radar for free now.

AR shopping app targets Chinese millennials

A Chinese AR shopping app hopes to increase retail sales by appealing to Chinese millennials

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Intelligent system makes homes reactive

An IoT system reacts to human habits enabling a home to cater to the owner’s needs without their manual input.

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Single-axis wind turbine generates energy for apartment blocks

A patent pending design for a single-axis wind turbine makes use of wind approaching from all directions and can take urban energy harvesting to the next level.

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Tech startup uses green energy for rentable chargers

A new service lets you charge your phone battery on the go.

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VR used to analyse 3D data

The technology helps users navigate data by grabbing and interacting with it.

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