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Top 5 innovations to brighten your day

Top 5 innovations to make you smile

As it happens to be the International Day of Happiness, we are devoting this week’s Top 5 to innovations that brighten people’s day. These include a happiness app, headphones that release happiness chemicals and a boarding school that prioritises well-being over test scores. Happy Happiness Day!

App promises to make each and every day a good day

AeBeZe Labs scours the web for content that lifts people’s spirits and boosts confidence

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App uses AI to stimulate users happiness

Austrian startup uses the latest research in mental health to encourage its users to record the everyday things that make them happy.

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Headphones release happiness chemicals

The Nervana music system uses nerve stimulating headphones that enable the listener to feel the music.

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New school bases curriculum on happiness and community

A weekday boarding school opening outside Chennai, India, in 2020, prioritises wellbeing over test scores and provides village-like living and learning spaces.

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VR short films trigger happy memories for Alzheimer’s patients

UK-based, The Wayback Project aims to launch a series of VR memory films to help people living with dementia.

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