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Top 7 innovators embracing experiential retail

From immersive technology and mixed reality, to experience rooms and livestreaming, discover the innovative ways retailers are using a combination of experiential campaigns and technology to attract consumer attention.

With online shopping overtaking physical stores in terms of accessibility, convenience and speed, it provides a new opportunity for traditional retailers to change the way they approach their business models and entice consumers. Adding an extra experience that customers could not get elsewhere is an excellent way to achieve customer loyalty and deepen awareness of brand identity. Additionally, a clear strategy with the shopper experience at the core of decision-making is essential in creating a successful experiential shopping experience. For example, at Springwise we have seen retailers create an interactive retail space for online events and a service that specialises in sourcing products for a personalised customer experience. Discover more about the future of retail with this curated Top 7 from Springwise.

AR hologram app allows shoppers to view products in 3D

UK fashion brand is incorporating AR software to offer an alternative shopping experience for its customers.

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AR shopping app targets Chinese millennials

A Chinese AR shopping app hopes to increase retail sales by appealing to Chinese millennials

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Concierge service specialises in hard-to-find products

A new service specialises in sourcing products that are not available to purchase in Australia giving every customer a personalised experience.

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Free life coaching sessions offered with every purchase

A womenswear brand is offering free life coaching sessions with every purchase to help women gain more confidence and empowerment.

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Innovative mixed reality service provides fast business solutions

A SaaS platform enables businesses to easily implement customizable ‘mixed reality’ solutions without needing prior expertise of hardware systems.

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New store features cold room for trying out arctic gear

An outdoor clothing brand takes experiential shopping to the next level with an extreme weather room.

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Shopping platform livestreams events online

A new company is riding the wave of the growth in livestreamed home shopping in China.

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