Innovation That Matters

Top 7 technologies driving the Future of Work

From machine learning to virtual reality, technologies are revolutionising the way we work. In our latest Top 7 list, we look at how some forward-thinking businesses are already incorporating innovations to drive change and shape the Future of Work.

AI bot acts as a work coach for hourly workers

This smart technology seeks to help hourly workers grow in their role and reduce high turnover rates.

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B2B marketing platform provides AI-driven data insights

Targeted at B2B marketing, operations, sales and analytics professionals, this platform offers up-to-date data and intelligence.

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Blockchain jobs platform gives freelancers paid time off and pensions

Bringing together advertising, referrals and a new coin offering, this jobs platform transparently connects businesses, freelancers and consumers.

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New 3D system brings the holodeck one step closer

A new innovation can create 360 degree, 3D holograms using sensors and a 3D projector.

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Three-screen smart desk reacts to hand gestures

A new smart desk incorporates seamless technology and optimized business tools to enable workers be more productive.

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VR enables immersive 3D data analysis

This startup connects employees via teleconference for an immersive, VR data analysis experience.

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