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'Mixed Reality'

Innovative mixed reality service provides fast business solutions


A SaaS platform enables businesses to easily implement customizable 'mixed reality' solutions without needing prior expertise of hardware systems.

Mixed Reality (MR) specialists Realfiction are back. We’ve already seen DeepFrame, Realfiction’s curved screens that enable multiple users to experience augmented reality visuals in public spaces without headsets. Now the company has announced its next venture, coined ‘Magic-as-a-Service’.

The service enables retailers, shopping centres and brand owners to easily adapt to increase sales, create awareness and add members to loyalty programs. Furthermore, the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business-to-business model, enables companies to eliminate large amounts of research and investment fees. In addition, this reduces hiring costs and development times to update hardware content.

Realfiction’s in-house team have also created an initial suite of concepts and animation templates that are ready for use in generic campaigns, with the option for customization to suit individual goals. These templates will enable the simple and rapid development of tailored content per campaign. This content can then be set to an automated calendar to align with campaigns. Furthermore, automatic updates will be included.

This ‘Magic-as-a-Service’ model enables partners with no prior experience of MR to straightforwardly implement the technology into their business operations. In essence, it should work as a straight out of the box experience for users.

Realfiction is targeting both the retail and entertainments sectors. The MR technology could fucntion for both in-house advertising and as educational material in museums and galleries, or in public spaces for local tourism. The service’s predicted rollout is in late 2018.




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