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ER service holds a patient's place in line

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It’s all too common for patients to be kept waiting in emergency rooms; the average wait for ER treatment in the United States is estimated at 3.2 hours. Earlier this month, Atlanta-based InQuickER announced the launch of a new service that allows patients with non life-threatening conditions to reduce their waiting time by calling ahead or signing in online. After preregistering for the service, patients inform their hospital about their injury or illness in order to reserve the first available time slot. In 75 percent of cases, InQuickER users will be seen immediately upon arrival, but if a patient is not seen by a doctor within 15 minutes, InQuickER and the hospital won’t charge for the ER visit, diagnostic services, professional fees or supplies. The ‘hold-your-place-in-line’ service is currently available at three hospitals. Patients pay USD 24.99 per visit for InQuickER’s service—a price that’s manageable for most people. By streamlining the check-in process, InQuickER offers both hospitals and patients a way to cut through some of the red tape, saving time and aggravation. One to replicate to other countries and industries? (Related: Letting customers skip the line.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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