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Instead of hotels, couch surfing for entrepreneurs

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Startup Stay is a couch surfing platform targeted specifically towards entrepreneurs.

“Couch surfing” has been a popular phenomenon for years, but typically business travelers have stuck with hotels instead. Recently, however, we came across Startup Stay, a related venture designed specifically with entrepreneurs in mind. Now in beta, Startup Stay bills itself as “a global community for entrepreneurs that travel.” Accordingly, entrepreneurs in startups or with a startup idea can use the site to find other like-minded entrepreneurs to host them when they travel for business, or they can offer to host those traveling in their own part of the world. Membership on the site is by invitation only, and no money is exchanged. Besides reducing travel expenses, benefits of the model for travelers include access to an insider’s view of the region and the ability to build face-to-face business connections with entrepreneurs worldwide. “People in startups live and breathe a unique lifestyle and attitude and Startup Stay is here to bring a contagious chutzpah into business traveling experiences, sparking new relationships and business opportunities,” the London-based company explains. Entrepreneurs around the globe: one to try out on your next business trip or to emulate? Spotted by: Leticia Perez Prieto



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