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AI butler app helps groups of friends find time for each other

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myAlfred, an intelligent assistant app, uses the telegram AI chatbot to align multiple users’ schedules, make restaurant reservations and book cabs, learning to read users' routines.

We’ve seen how AI can be used by couples to help plan their wedding day and now a new intelligent assistant bot can analyze friends’ schedules to help everyone find a good time to hang out.

myAlfred has developed a chatbot using the Telegram Bot open API that, when added to group chats scans every participant’s calendar to find a date that works for everyone (all while maintaining privacy). The myAlfred ‘intelligent butler’ app can then make restaurant reservations, book cabs for everyone, and let users know the weather forecast. Driven by AI, the app learns routines and preferences, growing ever more sophisticated at planning out the unique calendar of any user. It can even promote or demote tasks based on importance, help users develop exercise programmes or work towards long-term goals. myAlfred is available for free from the Apple Store or directly as a chat bot.

What potential uses are there for intelligent assistant apps that can interact with the growing Internet of Things network?



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