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Smart email help desk creates automatic replies

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Gorgias is an artificial intelligence help desk that can create hundreds of email templates and enable customizable shortcuts.

Writing out the same answers and emails is time consuming and tedious, and we have already seen a number of software hoping to assist users with the task. A keyboard plugin enables businesses to curate a suite of contextual messages for rapid, coordinated responses, and a tool helps companies streamline their cold emailing while retaining a personal touch. Sitting somewhere between the two is Gorgias, an artificial intelligence help desk and Google Chrome extension, which can create hundreds of email templates and enables customizable shortcuts.

By integrating with data from other company resources, such as transaction histories and administrative systems, Gorgias provides contextual information about customers and email senders through its help desk function. The program can suggest appropriate actions when replying to emails, such as offering a refund or sending out a package. The Chrome extension will suggest relevant replies and enable shortcuts for responses — such as typing ‘help’ for ‘Let me know if you need any help,’ or ‘kr’ for ‘Kind Regards’.

The system currently supports platforms including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Facebook. 

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