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Interactive app lets music lovers shape the songs they hear

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“n” is a musical project by Uruguayan artist Jorge Drexler that’s designed to enable smartphone and tablet users to transform the songs.

If users can already customize the movies they watch with just the power of their thoughts, it seems a pretty safe bet that they’d embrace the chance to shape the music they listen to as well. Enter “n”, a musical project by Uruguayan artist Jorge Drexler that’s designed specifically to be transformed and edited by smartphone and tablet users. Now available for Android, iOS and through the Samsung Apps store, Drexler’s free “n” app contains three original songs: n1, n2 and n3. Each is a unique interactive musical experience with optional components recorded by Drexler himself along with nine world-class singers, a Stradivarius, a full symphonic orchestra, and male and female choruses. “n1,” for example, also known as “Room 316,” is a song that explores combinatory poetry, and users can play with the lyrics by freely arranging the lines. This song is available in both English and Spanish. “n2,” or “Driftwood,” is a song about drifting in life; by pressing “play” as they “drift” through different physical locations, users can find and unlock all the different instruments that play along with the song. Finally, “n3,” or “Décima to the power of ten,” features 10 different singers whose voices users can rearrange and combine to create an effect they like. Once they’re satisfied with what they’ve created, users can export and share the resulting audio files. The video below demonstrates the app in action: We’ve seen that consumer curation is increasingly popular. Artists around the globe: be inspired! Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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