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Interactive, motion-sensing walls to motivate gym-goers

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Bally Total Fitness have launched motion-sensing interactive walls that give gym-goers nutritional and workout advice.

We’ve recently featured a number of innovations such as Swimtag, which employ technology to motivate and encourage users to exercise more frequently. Now Bally Total Fitness gyms in the US have launched motion-sensing interactive walls that give their customers nutritional and workout tips and advice. Bally Total Fitness teamed up with Helios Interactive Technologies and SoftKinetic, aiming to modernize the brand and increase new sign-ups. The project took seven months to complete and resulted in the creation of eight foot tall monitors with motion-sensing cameras embedded. As movement is captured and tracked, gym users can interact with the screen using simple arm gestures. The wall has three main functions; to provide knowledge on nutrition for inside the gym and out, to make workout recommendations and improve exercise routines, and enable users to see what their body might look like if they continue working out, with a “Future Self” application. Bally Total Fitness planned to roll out the walls to 20 of their gyms by the end of 2011. The video below shows the motion sensing interactive walls in more detail:
According to Bally Total Fitness, the motion-sensor walls have been well-received by staff and members alike. Could similar technology offer a compelling experience for your customers? Spotted by: Raymond Neo



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