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Interactive platform helps verify job seekers' credentials

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Unrabble automates the employee recruitment process, helping companies find the most suitable candidates faster and cheaper.

Hot on the heels of our article on Ovia’s video-based recruitment platform come word of another platform hoping to help companies save time and money when recruiting. Unrabble’s software automatically identifies the most suitable applicants for a job, as well as helping to verify their career history. CEO and co-founder Kevin Watson claims that while other industries have enjoyed the benefits of technological advancements, hiring new employees remains time-intensive and inefficient. Unrabble enables businesses to upload a company profile and add job advertisments that can be published to popular recruitment sites or shared via social networks. Candidates, meanwhile, can enter their skills and experience into a free Unrabble profile and apply for jobs, instead of submitting a resume. For the employer, the software then automatically ranks candidates based on role-specific competencies, so a long list of applications can be quickly filtered. An interactive visual representation of each candidate displays their preferences and how well they would fit with the company. To discourage exaggeration, candidates can invite colleagues to verify the details of specific achievements listed in their profile. Employers can give candidates a star rating to mark their favorites and share with other decision-makers. The shortlisted candidates can be contacted simultaneously via an integrated messaging system, and unsuccessful applicants are notified online. Unrabble is free to trial for 30 days, and costs USD 29 a month for the Basic package and USD 49 a month for Pro. The video below explains Unrabble in more detail:
While this may not be the first platform to assist the recruitment process, the ability to have candidate claims verified by their colleagues is an interesting addition. One for small to medium businesses to get involved with?



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