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Interactive poster lets passersby conduct orchestra

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An interactive poster for the Budapest Festival Orchestra enables passersby to conduct the ensemble via their mobile phone.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra is one of the best in the world but few young Hungarians are attending classical music concerts. Now, the institution has partnered with Hungarian Telecom and creative agency Isobar to make an interactive poster, which enables passersby to conduct the orchestra via their mobile phone.

To begin, participants approach the poster and connect to it via their smartphone. Then, they can interact with a video of the orchestra. As they conduct at different speeds, the video speeds up or slows down, giving them a taste of the classical music experience. At the end of the piece, the rookie conductors are sent a discount voucher for upcoming concerts.

We have already seen a music video that adapts its tempo according to the viewer’s heartbeat. How else could musicians use interactivity as a promotional tool?



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