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Interactive campaign | Photo source Pixabay

Interactive public health campaign checks lung capacity

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Run by Cancer Research UK to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, the ad invites people to blow into a tube to reveal the poster’s full message.

The healthier a person’s lungs are, the longer they should be able to blow into Cancer Research UK’s interactive lung capacity test tube. The tubes are an integrated part of the research organization’s new interactive ad campaign warning of the dangers of smoking. Smokers in particular are invited to test the health of their lungs. The longer a person can blow, the more of the full text of the posters is revealed.

The posters have been placed around the country in public locations including bus stops. Passersby are instructed to “take a deep breath and blow here,” with the poster explaining that “the longer you can blow, the more of this message you’ll be able to read.” The message ends with information on how to contact a local stop smoking advisor.

Making campaigns interactive, whether for public health or commercial advertising, is an interesting trend across industries. A Swedish pharmacy’s quit smoking campaign billboard coughs when someone smokes nearby and then displays products to help kick the habit. In Uruguay, a soap company used giant petri dishes full of live bacteria to advertise its latest products and encourage people to more frequently wash their hands. How could these types of approaches be used to encourage civic participation?



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