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Social sports app | Photo source Pixabay

Internet-enabled goalpost and app sends out match invitation


This app asks user’s friends if they want to play a game of football, telling them their exact location.

UK-based design company Uniform has created Pali, an internet-enabled goalpost that connects to a user’s phone to send out invitations for a game of football. When the magnets holding the two goalposts together break apart as the game gets set up, the application sends out a message to mobile phones of the user’s friends specifying the exact location of the potential match and asking them to join. When the goalposts are put back together, another notification is generated to let invitees know the game is finished.

Its creators hope the device will also help football enthusiasts make friends, as the message can also be sent out to anyone in the vicinity of the goalpost who has downloaded the app. The technology has been created to encourage people to move away from their computer and phone screens and get outside, interact with friends face-to-face, and meet new people with similar passions for sport.

Sport and technology have been paired together for many years, with the creation of technology formed to enhance cricket games and yoga apparel that also has built-in technology to help the user’s form, are just some of the examples that are being launched of late. How else could technology aid sport?



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