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Internet giant introduces new video conferencing service

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Amazon Web Services has announced its Chime communications and video conferencing service, available across mobile and desktop devices.

With products including analytics, computing, AI, IoT and development tools, Amazon Web Services’ newest offering, Chime, provides an important aspect of business support. Chime is a mobile application for online meetings. Users can switch between devices, even in the middle of a call, as well as switch formats of communication, such as moving from a call to a chat and inviting additional attendees.

Users of the service can also share files, inside and outside the business, and all communications are encrypted. Chat histories are not stored on a user’s device. A Pro account is available free for a 30 day trial and then costs USD 15 per user per month. A basic account is free and provides one-to-one videos and chats.

Business owners at all stages of development now have a plethora of apps and services to help build their brand. For those at the very beginning, this app tests the availability, strength and meaning of potential company, brand and product names. For more established organizations, this app helps companies manage their expenses by predicting how much business trips will cost and then financially rewarding staff who come in under budget. How else could mobile business communication be improved?



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