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Company carpooling app | Photo source Pixabay

Intra-company carpool app wins sustainability award

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Spanish brewers Mahou San Miguel launched an internal car sharing app to help decrease the company’s carbon footprint.

With more than 2,800 employees spread across multiple offices and production centers, Spain’s Mahou San Miguel brewing company developed its in-house Car Share app. Designed to help employees find colleagues to share local travel with, the app links all company vehicles. Employees can register as either a driver or rider and send alerts to colleagues before each trip.

Launched during the 2016 European Mobility Week, the app raises company-wide awareness of sustainability initiatives while reducing carbon emissions. Already reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, the app won the 2016 Sustainable Mobility Initiative Fleets Award.

Many sustainable transport initiatives focus on public systems, and for good reason, of course, based on the numbers of people that travel on them. An electric, driverless bus can be hailed with an app, and pay-as-you-ride programs, like Berlin’s smart electric scooter sharing service, are proving reliably popular. How else could large companies reduce travel-based carbon emissions?



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