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Investors scheme supports local artists, offers artworks instead of shares

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The CSA+D artists' studio in Brooklyn, NY, enables those in the local community to purchase shares in the work it produces.

For a while now, the community-supported agriculture model has been connecting residents with locally farmed goods in return for investing in those farms. Aiming to do the same for the arts, CSA+D in Brooklyn, NY, is a studio which enables those in the community to purchase shares in the work it produces.

The studio first opened applications to artists and designers in order to assemble a group of 12 creators for its Fall 2013 season. Those wanting to support those artists can choose to purchase a full share – costing USD 500 – or a half share for USD 250. The funding enables the group to continue developing their craft and investors receive 6 or 3 pieces, depending on their share value, at an event this month to mark the end of the season. The works each investor will receive are chosen at random from the range of painters, photographers, jewelry-makers and sculptors that make up the studio collective.

CSA+D helps creatives to receive funding from their local community in exchange for the work they make in much the same way as the farming model benefits from upfront investment. Could other industries benefit from this kind of hyperlocal, personal funding?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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