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Mini home robot turns switches on and off

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Developed by the Wonder Tech Lab in California, the Switch Bot is a small, wirelessly controlled robot that turns devices and switches on and off.

As well as eliminating the panicky feeling of not knowing whether an appliance has been turned off or not, Wonder Tech Lab’s Switch Bot helps make life easier in general. Once users download the app, available for both iOS and Android, the Internet of Things capability of the robot means any number of bespoke actions can be created. Lights can be controlled while still in bed, and the coffee pot can be programmed to turn on as soon as the morning alarm goes off.

Switch Bots are attached to switches and buttons using mounting tape, that still allows for manual control. If wireless connectivity is unavailable, users can communicate with the bots using Bluetooth, and each bot is connected to the others in the network. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the first shipments of the mini robot are planned for March 2017.

Robots continue to shrink in size while growing in capability. Indoor flying robots help manage warehouse inventory, and a small robotic hand can perform abdominal surgery. Where else could robots help make connectivity even more efficient?



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