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iPhone case acts as ECG device for pets


AliveCor is an iPhone case and app that enables vets to monitor pets' heart rates using their smartphone.

Veterinarian equipment is by its nature a niche product, but there have been some efforts to make treating animal patients a bit easier. We’ve already seen a portable ultrasound generator for horses and now AliveCor enables vets to monitor pets’ heart rates using their iPhone. Designed to snap onto the handset, the device features two electrodes to measure the electrical activity of the hearts of cats, dogs or horses. Users rub conductive gel onto the chest of the animal, place the back of the iPhone near the heart and the sensor wirelessly sends the results in real time to the phone. Using the accompanying AliveECG Vet app, vets and pet owners can see the ECG reading on the display, as well as keep a record of the measurement in their account. Logging in via the app or the AliveECG Hub online, users can track their data and print or share results. The video below shows the device in operation: AliveCor offers vets a way to take an ECG reading quickly and without the need for complicated equipment. It is currently available to US residents at a price of USD 199 for the kit, while the app is free. Cleared for use among animals, could we see a version that can be used on humans in the near future? Spotted by: Raymond Neo



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