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Toilet facilities | Photo source Paul Green on Unsplash

Israeli startup invents way for tourists to find public loos

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Four Israeli students create a pass to help tourists find toilets

Spotted: Four Israeli students have designed an easy way for tourists to find public toilets. They came up with the concept after a frustrating trip to Europe where they spent far too much time looking for loos. Their concept is simple. Called the P-pass, people pay a small fee for a list of local bars, restaurants and shops that allow them to use the facilities, even if they’re not customers.

The first generation of the scheme, piloted in January 2019, offered a four-day pass for select locations in Tel Aviv. The second pilot, scheduled for March, includes a website with a list of available toilets and links to directions. The third larger pilot is planned for May. It will coincide with the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, and the founders say it will include an app.

The idea, they say, transforms “a usually awkward activity” into potential profits for businesses.




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