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Objects' stories, trackable & brought to life online


Regular Springwise readers are already well-acquainted with the concept of product stories and the way they can enhance the value of virtually any good. Similar to the way the Daily Grommet shares the story of one product each day in its curated marketplace, so Itizen provides a place for artists, gift-givers and owners of any item to share and track its story over time. Minnesota-based Itizen aims to let anyone associated with a particular keepsake, gift or interesting thing tell, share and follow its life story. Those interested in beginning a story for a particular good start by affixing an Itizen TRACKit tag to it—both stick-on and sew-on versions are available. Then, they can either type in the tag’s alphanumeric code or scan its QR code for automatic connection with its record. There, they can share the item’s story—where it came from, how they got it, what made them want it, and whatever other details seem relevant. Such stories can be made either private or public; either way, subsequent owners or borrowers of the product can add to it later and those with its code can see where it’s been. Everyone who adds to the product’s story, meanwhile, gains Itizenship Points, which ultimately can be used for free product giveaways. Now in beta, Itizen seeks to forge partnerships with independent artists, crafters or retailers that facilitate selling, swapping, exchanging and sharing interesting things. As it moves out of beta—a full launch is scheduled for Aug. 1—it aims to include features specifically tailored to small retailers and to develop a mobile version. One to get involved in…? (Related: Tracking & tracing fashion brands’ product storiesColumbia reuses shipping boxes, tracks their storiesYak down: luxury yarn with a story and a cause.) Spotted by: Petz Scholtus



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