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Swedish kitchen cloths by yearly subscription


Another week, another subscription model spotted! This time, the virtual ink was still drying on our story about Bonbon’s lip balms by monthly subscription when we got word of a like-minded effort applied to the lowly kitchen cleaning cloth. Far from homely, however, UK-based Jangneus Design‘s eco-friendly cleaning cloths offer a heaping helping of Swedish-inspired design with strong colours and eye-catching motifs. Jangneus Design’s kitchen cloths all feature a bright design against a white background; colours available for the designs are blue, turquoise, green, black, purple, yellow and red. Pricing is GBP 2.50 for one to three cloths, GBP 2 for four to nine cloths and GBP 1.75 for 10 or more; shipping within the UK is free. Fully biodegradable at the end of their useful lives, the cloths clearly offer yet another lovely illustration of our favourite “everything can be upgraded” theme. Perhaps even more interesting, though, is Jangneus’ subscription plan, whereby GBP 25 per year buys the subscriber a new cloth every month. Consumers can specify the colour of the cloths they receive, or they can opt for a mixed subscription whereby Jangneus chooses for them. Subscriptions are available only within the UK. Of course, beyond simply offering consumers a distinctive product without the hassle of having to shop for it multiple times per year, subscription models like Jangneus’ also offer startups a good way to gain traction. It’s the elusive win-win proposition, and a good reason to try subscriptions for the recurring purchases in your own company’s product line. Be inspired!



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