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In Japan, women-only café also provides sleeping facilities

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As well as lunch and wifi, the Qusca Sleeping Café offers space for women to rest and refresh during their working day.

Women who are looking for beauty treatment and with little time to spare in their work schedule have already been offered convenient 15-minute in-office manicures courtesy of Manicube. Now the Qusca Sleeping Café aims to provide a space for women to rest and refresh, as well as get lunch and keep up with work. Located in the Akasaka district of Tokyo, the café was set up specifically to offer working women a private and relaxing area where they can relieve some of the day’s stress. Visitors pay JPY 150 per ten minutes to take advantage of the café’s facilities. The cost covers use of a sleeping room perfumed with a ‘healing’ aroma, a make-up space that includes free cosmetics and hair styling supplies, and mobile device-charging stations. The café also provides wifi and has a menu of free snacks and drinks available each day. Those wanting a more substantial meal can also pay JPY 600 for Qusca’s ‘healthy deli lunch’, designed to recharge workers’ batteries. Although services offering spaces for short naps – such as the UK’s Podtime – have been seen before on Springwise, Qusca provides an entirely new kind of space dedicated to female professionals, with the aim of boosting their productivity. Could this work in your part of the world? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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