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Japanese bookstore only stocks one book a week


The new branch of Morioka Shoten bookstore in Tokyo only stocks one book at a time, each for a single week.

It can be hard for new publications to attract the attention of browsing customers in most bookstores. Despite beautiful covers and attractive displays, the sheer volume means any given book will only catch the eye of so many readers. Unless that is, the customer is browsing the new branch of Morioka Shoten in Japan — which only stocks one book at a time, each for a single week.


The branch, owned by Yoshiyuki Morioka, opened in May of this year in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Inspired by successful readings and book signings at his other store, Morioka created the minimalist store in collaboration with design engineering firm Takram. The store consists of a single room, containing a table — stocked with this week’s publication, a chest of drawers — used as a counter, and a selection of art and objects relating to the book. Morioka Shoten hosts events every night of the week, except Mondays when the store is closed.

Could other retail industries — such as music or art — adopt this single item concept, making the store more of an immersive event space?



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